The Golden Rock ( Kyite htee yoe ) , Directed by Arkar
Posted : 08/04/12
It's always in my mind ,it was such a burning desire to make a HD video of this place , just want to show the world that Burma have this kind of extraordinary places. now it's happening here . Jason , my brother-Ye naung and I decided to go there and made this video . that was a horrible journey of 8 miles trekking, 33 up and down hills with loads of photography stuffs. our shoulders were about to drop. we almost gave up and even planned to abort this project. really tiring, we slept 2 hours a day for 3 days and finally made this video... Value our work and watch it in HD MODE. ++ We made it ,YOU SHARE IT++. that's fair enough. show the world that this place is one of the most spectacular places on earth. Brought to you by ______ ARKAR Production______ ____________The One & The Only________


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